MusicBlog #4-FIFI RONG (English Post)

Hello everyone! Despite my annoying University exams, I’m back!

I wanna say that this post is very important for me, because I will talk about a beautiful artist that I loved since my first listening.

In a previous post I’ve said that thanks to Twitter I had the chance to know some artists and chat with them..well..I’m so lucky!

Today I wanna introduce you to the great and unique Fifi Rong, an English singer originating from Beijing.


I remember the first time when I discovered Fifi..I was looking for some music artists on Twitter and suddenly I saw this Image:


and I started to think of how beautiful she is (Not joking), and then, in her profile, I read “Hybrid-Electronica”..

My curiosity prevailed over me! “I have to listen one of her songs” I thought!

Youtube. Fifi Rong. And when I read “Fifi Rong Ft. Phaeleh” I jumped for joy, because Mr.Phaeleh is my favourite Chillout artist!


I have to be honest, “Intimacy” was the first song I’ve heard of Fifi, in that moment I had no words..I can only say that her voice carried my in another planet, I swear!

Meanwhile, maybe for telepathy or maybe only because I’m a very lucky person, she followed me on Twitter! I couldn’t believe that!

Well, I followed her back and then..I had a little talk with her and she was so cute with me! She’s a great artist, but first of all, she’s a nice person! Wish I could meet her!

By the way, let’s talk about her music and her projects.

0002027364_10 a2423890410_10

Fifi’s music is a mix of different genres of Electronic style with a mysterious “darkside” that I personally love! But, as I said before, her thrilling  voice is what makes every song and every lyric original!

She will make you discover new feelings, emotions and sensations!

Listening to her studio works (The album “Wrong”, and her EP “Next Pursuit”), discovering her way of seeing electronic music will lead you to think about her hard work and her passion, because she will go far and all her dreams will become reality!

Consider that she have headlined a variety of shows in UK, Germany, China and above all she was nominated as the best Electronic Music Artist and publicly voted into the China’s Top10 most popular new artist of 2014..she’s doing so well in other words!


And with this post I want ALL OF YOU to support her because, in my modest opinion, music world needs artist like her!

I will leave you some links where you can listen all Fifi’s works, but you can find them on Spotify! You won’t regret it!

IMPORTANT: She’s currently crowdfunding for her new EP “Violently Silently” on because she wants all of you to get involved in this new project so give her a big support!

I wanna say thank you to Fifi, because she made me discover new music horizons and this is one of the reasons that push me to “live the music” in all its forms!




Links: (Fifi’s Official Website) (Fifi’s Soundcloud) (Fifi’s Crowdfunding for “Violently Silently”) (Fifi’s Twitter) (Fifi’s Official Youtube Channel)