“You can build your life on empty promises or with a man who promises to try”

Finally here we are!

Two months ago I announced the next posts in my blog and, with a little bit more of inspiration, I’m here today to talk about a great actor who opened his mind to the great world of music!

Do you remember “The X-Files”? I think it is one of the greatest tv-series I’ve ever seen! Started in 1993, ended in 2002 and soon will come back for a “mini-series” at the end of this year! Wow I’m really excited! There are so many things that I loved about this series, especially the plot and, above all, the characters! The “fanatic” special agent Fox Mulder (TRUST NO ONE.) who belives in aliens existence and the “skeptic” special agent Dana Scully. David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, two fantastic actors, ready to be together one more time, that we can appreciate nowadays in series like “Californication” or “Hannibal”.

And today I wanna talk about the funny American actor, that appeared for the first time as “singer/songwriter” the 12th of May with his debut album “Hell or Highwater”.


Personally, when I read about the release of this album a few months ago I was really enthusiastic!

I think that experience something new, open our minds and broaden our horizons is an innate desire for humans..and this is how I describe this album: a great experimentation by Mr.Duchovny.

David himself have declared that he took guitar and vocal lessons previous to record the album, but singing and playing the guitar are his passions since he was a child. So he decided to write some songs and refine them with musicians of “ThinkSay Record”, a music label that is slowly growing up.

From a first listening of the whole album, that starts with the beautiful “Let It Rain”, the first adjective that came in my mind was “nostalgic”, and I think that I’m not totally wrong with it..

I’ve felt this nostalgic sound in every songs, from the “quieter” ones (“The Thing, “Lately It’s Always December”, “Stars”, “Passenger”) to the “Rock/Western-Rockabilly” ones (“3000”, “Unsaid Undone”); and then “Hell Or Highwater”, a simple song with outstanding lyrics!

I have to say that lyrics in this album are an essential point because they are really poetical and make every song much more original, so I suggest to read them while you’re listening a song, and Duchovny’s voice fits perfectly with them even if he can improve himself as a singer to find a “vocal identity”.

With this album David Duchovny wants to debate and reflect about different themes very close to him like war, social media, addiction, lost and recover relationships (“You can’t hurt the one you already left behind”)..a magical narration with the wonderful instrument of music.

And that’s why I’ve really appreciated Duchovny’s work with this album, because of his dedication and his passion! I think that you can give him a chance listening to “Hell Or Highwater” because you won’t regret about it!

This is my personal comment about this album, if you have a chance, and if you want, write in comments below your impressions beacuse I like “musical discussions” and it would be really great!

I wanna apologize to all my followers for my absence in the last two months..and, above all, I wanna apologize because of my English, if there are any mistakes or something like that..I will improve my language and I’m studying to do that, so be kind please because if I decided to write these “English Posts” is because I wanna share my passion and my “music suggestions” with people all over the world too, though I accept every constructive criticism.

Thanks to all my followers that will read this post. I will work hard and improve myself for you.


Links: (David Duchovny: “Hell or Highwater” | Musicians at Google) ( Hell Or Highwater Lyrics Video)

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  1. violetmoods · agosto 18, 2015

    L’ha ribloggato su Violet Music Bloge ha commentato:

    Have u read my “Hell or Highwater post? Check it out 😉

    "Mi piace"


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