MusicBlog #2- TOUR DE FRANCE-KRAFTWERK (English Post)

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I love Germany. Berlin is one of my favourite cities and I think that German is a fascinating language.

And Germany is the country of a German “electronic music quartet” the became famous in the 70s. Many of you surely know them, and today I wanna talk about “Tour De France”, an album that became one of the most iconic soundtrack of the bicycle race.

The album was recorded at Düsseldorf and released for the 100th anniversary of the first Tour De France and it’s announcement totally freaked out all of Kraftwerk fans, as it had been 17 years since their last release ”Electric Café” (unfortunately I was 8 and busy in memorizing all cartoon songs by Cristina D’Avena..oh well..).

I’ve been listening Kraftwerk for years now, their discography is really amazing and “Tour De France” reflects their mix of minimal electronic music, new wave and synth pop that makes every song of the album a magical journey and this evocative concept of “journey” is fully emphasized.

Just close your eyes and let the initial “Prologue” blow your mind, because the Tour De France is now starting.

It’s time to experience the following 3 “Étape” (Stages) with a musical “jingle” that will play along with all of you in every single track. You will take part in something unique; Kraftwerk will let you live the whole race as a spectator.

Meanwhile you will be guided by the suggestive French lyrics and every member of the band will be your personal commentator of the Tour.

As the last track of the Stages, “Chrono”, finishes, you will be projected in something different, with more active tracks (Vitamin”, ”Aéro Dynamik”, “Titanium”, “Elektro Kardiogramm”). The concept of electronic music is overtuned because every track has a different themes with different beats and sounds.

The last track of the entire album is a reprise of their old “Tour De France” released in 1983.

The Tour is over.

I know i could be repetitive, but this album is not a simple one, is a real journey, for your mind, for your ears and especially for your musical background and many artists were inspired by its originality. I think that everyone could love it! (Yeah my dear cyclists, I’m talking to you too).

I recommend you to see video of their concert called “Minimum Maximum” in which you could listen many of the tracks of “Tour De France” e other songs from albums like “The Man Machine”, which is a wonderful album too.

Down this post there are some links so you can listen this great album, you won’t regret it!

This is it. I hope you have enjoyed this post and became curious about Kraftwerk and their album.

I apologize if there are some language mistakes, i will provide to correct them. This is my first post in English (I’m Italian) and I swear that next ones in line will be better.

Support me and my blog if you want, it would be fantastic!

See you on the next post!

Violet (Tour De France Full Album) (Minimum Maximum live parte 1) (Minimum Maximum live parte 2) (Tour De France Étape 1 Live) (Tour De France Étape 2 Live)

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  1. violetmoods · maggio 17, 2015

    L’ha ribloggato su Violet Music Bloge ha commentato:

    MusicBlog #2- TOUR DE FRANCE-KRAFTWERK (English Post) Reblog/Link
    Hope u’ll read it 😉

    "Mi piace"


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